The Artist in Residence Program

Imagine working with a world-famous artist on your very own art piece. Collaborating with Mordechai Rosenstein is ideal.

The ArtistMordechai gives a wonderful explanation of some of his famous art and Ketubot through a power point/slide show as well as some examples and stories of the origins of Jewish art. He also talks about what has influenced him over the years.

After Mordechai does his visual presentation of art it is now your turn to be the designer. After your Rabbi or Educational Director gives a brief D’var Torah on the concept of “life blessing and peace” everyone receives an 11 by 17 inch copy of the blank artwork. (This is the art in black and white without the color.) Parents or grandparents and their children work together to draw, color, and design what their interpretation of what “life blessing peace” means to them.

This intergenerational project is a great informal educational activity and an enjoyable way to express important feelings through art. All that you need to supply is the crayons/markers etc. Mordechai will circulate throughout the room and cosign the artwork. After the art project is complete the participants are free to take their interpretations home and display them as they please.

This program has proven to be quite successful with religious schools and day schools. It also gives parents and children the ability to interact in a positive, informal way, while stimulating their thought process. This program also gives parents/congregants the opportunity to purchase art.

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